Choose Your Impact, Change the World

Mindy Hall

November 12, 2014

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"Who do you want to be as a leader? What impact do you want to have? How do you want people to experience you? No matter where you fall in the organizational structure, your ability to shape both the organizational culture and how others perceive you is a direct result of the level of intention with which you operate. What does it mean to operate with intention? It is consciously deciding to lead by design rather than by default; being mindful of who it is you want to be and then living into that picture twenty-four hours a day. It is about seeing opportunities every day, in every interaction, to shape the tone, the experience, and the outcome of those interactions. It is being aware that everything you do sends a message: what you say and how you say it, what you do and how you do it, even what you choose not to say or do. It is realizing that the system you work in does not tell you who you get to be; you decide who you get to be. Seeing your 'self' as the primary tool for achieving high-level results is a concept that may seem like common sense, but it is far less commonly practiced and even less often developed in professionals as they grow in their careers."

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