Work As We Know It Is Dead

Jacob Morgan

September 24, 2014

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"If you look up the word 'manager' in the dictionary you will find synonyms such as: 'slave-driver, boss, or zookeeper.' If you look up 'employee' in the dictionary you get back: 'cog, servant, and slave.' If you look up 'work' in the dictionary you get: 'drudgery, struggle, or daily-grind.' So, we are all cogs working for a slave-driver as we go about our daily drudgery. That's just lovely isn't it? This is how we have literally built our organizations over the past hundred or so years and this is exactly what I mean when I say 'work as we know it is dead.' The idea that 'work sucks' is engrained in almost every aspect of our professional lives. Employees are no longer cogs, work should not be drudgery, and managers can no longer be slave-drivers. This isn't a manifesto about following your passions or being happy, it's a call to action to change and evolve our organizations to reflect the world that they operate in."

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