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Why Grit is The New Black

Linda Kaplan Thaler, Robin Koval

September 16, 2015

"Emerging research proves, beyond a doubt, that grit is the most accurate predictor of success in achieving life goals. Yet grit is often seen as a rather antiquated, 19th century ideal, equated more with methodical stick-to-itiveness and survival than the secret sauce to success. But the truth is, grit is about sweat, not swagger, character, not charisma. Grit is the result of a hard-fought struggle, a willingness to take risks, a passionate pursuit of one's goals, and the perseverance to continue against all odds. And the best part of grit is that anyone can develop and nurture it, whether you're eight or eighty-eight. Even Pablo Casals, one of the world's most acclaimed cellists, when asked why at age 93 he still practiced several hours a day, thoughtfully replied, 'I'm beginning to notice some improvement.'"

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