Bridge the Generational Divide and Build Sustainable Innovation

January 27, 2016

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"The U.S. business community is facing a war of intelligence attrition. Fortune 500s will see countless experienced knowledge workers walk out the door over the next two decades. The U.S. Armed Forces are losing millions of officers and key personnel to retirement. For even those companies that thrive on innovation, the numbers are daunting—and demand action. Some 900,000 white-collar workers from the Executive Branch of government, and another 5,400 federal executives, will be up for retirement over the next decade, according to a study from Tandberg. A McKinsey Quarterly survey found that the Baby Boomer generation is 'the best educated, most highly skilled aging workforce in U.S. history.' Though they're 'only' about 40 percent of the workforce, they comprise more than half of all managers and almost half of all professionals, such as doctors and lawyers. Many are preparing to leave—and American leadership isn't prepared to lose them."

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