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Change How You Change: 7 Insights for Faster Positive Habit Formation

M.J. Ryan

December 21, 2016

"I'd been reading about a Tibetan Buddhist mind training technique called Lojong, or slogan practice, a set of fifty-nine one line aphorisms you recite as mental antidotes to undesired mental habits. Hmm, I thought, I wonder if his kind of practice could be useful for my clients. But I found the slogans so obscure that I didn't think they could be applied, so I abandoned the idea. Apparently the concept was still rolling around in my head when one day I was working with a bust executive who was trying to learn how to get great performance from his employees without micromanaging. I was yammering on and he looked at me and said. 'I'm busy. I need it boiled down to something simple I can remember.' Without thinking, I replied, 'I'm going to give you a slogan. Every time you talk to an employee, say to yourself: Give what and why, not how. And so he did"

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