The New Way to Get Noticed

Barbara Cave Henricks, Rusty Shelton

March 16, 2016

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"In a sense, the new media environment feels like the Wild West. On television, many of today's highest rated programs are reality-based and feature families who do things like procreate excessively or become famous when their patriarch represents OJ Simpson in court. Twitter helped Paris Hilton become a household name after a sex tape first put her in the public eye. And what about the concept of going viral? Few of us can forget the moment in 2015 when frenzy erupted over whether a particular dress was blue and black or white and gold, a "story" that temporarily pushed aside substantive news. It's easy to be cynical, we get it. On the flip side, this new environment has given us access we wouldn't otherwise have to many of the world's most influential minds. From Reddit's 'Ask Me Anything' to the TED talks featured on YouTube, new media tools have helped create and given us access to an unprecedented number of experts. Further, they have whetted our collective appetite for more. Not only is there opportunity to create content and display it on the virtual billboard that exists online, but there is a chance to create a strategy for capturing even more value from your messages."

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