Why You Should Hire a Futurist

September 20, 2017

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"A quiet revolution is underway. It is as unanticipated and stealth as the internet and social media once were and just as ubiquitous. Every day our knowledge about the future grows more precise, and this is transforming how modern leaders lead.

Think about it. A few decades ago we didn't know if a person was predisposed to Alzheimer's, baldness, or lung cancer, when a country's currency was on the verge of collapse, or how close a rogue nation on the other side of the world was to a viable nuclear warhead. We didn't know which automobile parts were likely to fail first, second, and third, or when a hurricane would make landfall, or whether our credit was sufficient to secure a mortgage. But today, we do. We have more data about future outcomes than ever before, and this has armed leaders with a heretofore unprecedented power: the ability to adapt before-the-fact. That's right. Today's successful companies are no longer adapting to changes in the environment, they are changing the environment to which they must adapt. They are predapting."

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