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Why You Don't Need VC to Build a Billion Dollar Business

Dileep Rao Ph.D.

December 27, 2018

"Although the business press is filled with exploits of VC-funded ventures, the reality is that 94 percent of billion-dollar entrepreneurs took off without VC, and only about one in 10,000 entrepreneurs truly benefits from VC. Silicon Valley venture capital is like a very successful lottery. Yes, there is flash and dazzle and a few billionaires are created. But it is hit-or-miss, mostly miss. You would not recommend a career of buying lottery tickets to your children or pick it for yourself. Learn skills. Use smart strategies. You may succeed whether you win the VC lottery or don't For entrepreneurs who want to reduce the role of luck in their success and improve their odds, here are six reasons why you don't need VC to build a billion-dollar business."

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