Upcoming Author Interview: Paige McClanahan – June 20, 2024

Paige McClanahan, Gabbi Cisneros

April 29, 2024


There are many gives and takes of tourism—we need to talk about them. And Paige McClanahan's book is an engaging and effective facilitator of that conversation.

Register now for our upcoming live-streamed interview with author and journalist Paige McClanahan! She will be discussing her new book The New Tourist: Waking Up to the Power and Perils of Travel with Gabriella Cisneros, Porchlight's Creative Director. 


Thursday, June 20, 2024 
2pm CT 
Live-Streamed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook 

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The New Tourist by Paige McClanahanABOUT THE BOOK  

A brilliantly evocative, surprising, and page-turning exploration of how tourism has shaped the world, for better and for worse—essential reading for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the implications of their wanderlust. 
Through deep and perceptive dispatches from tourist spots around the globe—from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam to Angkor Wat—The New Tourist lifts the veil on an industry that accounts for one in ten jobs worldwide and generates nearly ten percent of global GDP. How did a once-niche activity become the world’s most important means of contact across cultures? When does tourism destroy the soul of a city, and when does it offer a place a new lease on life? Is “last chance tourism” prompting a powerful change in perspective, or driving places we love further into the ground? 
Filled with revelations about an industry that shapes how we view the world, The New Tourist spotlights painful truths but also delivers a message of hope: that the right kind of tourism—and the right kind of tourist—can be a powerful force for good. 

About the Authors

Paige McClanahan is an American journalist based in France. A regular contributor to The New York Times , she has reported from more than a dozen countries, writing for publications like The Guardian , the BBC, and The Washington Post , among many others.

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Gabriella Cisneros is a moderately bilingual artist whose passion for storytelling extends from reading to filmmaking, video editing, writing, photography, and social media. Working at Porchlight is kind of a dream job for someone who has a 55 page, indexed document of interesting words she’s found in books. Gabbi regularly makes time for taking photos, traveling, attending concerts, trying new restaurants, blogging, fitness, and—of course—reading.

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