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Compassionate Accountability: How Leaders Build Connection and Get Results

Nate Regier

"This book is a compass for leaders lost in the paradoxical space between being compassionate and holding people accountable. Compassion and accountability have generally been considered at odds with each other in the management space. Solely prioritizing accountability can create toxic work environments that result in the loss of top talent.


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Book Information

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publish Date: 07/11/2023
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9781523004539
ISBN-10: 1523004533
Language: English

Full Description

A compass for leaders lost in the paradoxical space between attention to people and attention to results--with Compassionate Accountability you don't have to choose! Sadly, compassion and accountability are too often in tension--leaders feel they have to pick one or the other. But solely prioritizing accountability can create toxic work environments that drive away good talent. On the other end of the spectrum, being too nice can compromise performance and productivity. Finding harmony between compassion and accountability is the ultimate catalyst for improved results and a thriving workplace. The solution is recognizing that compassion and accountability are not opposites. In fact, accountability is an element of compassion. Compassionate Accountability is the process of building connection while getting results. This book shows how this foundational mindset, philosophy, and way of living can lead to a thriving organizational culture. It covers such topics as these:
  • Why you can't practice compassion without accountability
  • How to turn on the three "switches" of the compassion mindset--and the predictable damaging consequences when they're turned off
  • The key role Compassionate Accountability plays in a healthy leadership culture
  • Six areas to focus on to start building your culture of Compassionate Accountability
  • Five common barriers to compassion for leaders--and how to overcome them

Plus, readers will find real case examples of how organizations have adopted Compassionate Accountability, along with quizzes and self-assessments to help them learn and apply the concepts. Leaders seeking a renewed sense of fulfillment in their roles and increased leadership impact will find inspiration, guidance, and a road map for cultural transformation.

About the Author

Nate Regier, PhD, is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership firm dedicated to bringing compassion into the workplace.

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