Dream First, Details Later: How to Quit Overthinking & Make It Happen!

Dream First, Details Later: How to Quit Overthinking & Make It Happen!

By Ellen Bennett

"You don't need a detailed plan to make your dream a reality. You just need to start before you're ready. As a twenty-five-year-old line cook, Ellen overheard her boss reordering aprons. Sick of wearing the kitchen's cheap and poorly designed garments, she blurted out, 'Chef, I have an apron company. ' The only problem: there was no company, much less any actual aprons.


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Book Information

Publisher: Portfolio
Publish Date: 04/27/2021
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9780593083451
ISBN-10: 0593083458
Language: English

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April 28, 2021

We were in the midst of an international crisis. Lives were being lost. There was a clear need, and we could fill it—everything else would follow from there. READ FULL DESCRIPTION

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Ellen Bennett is the platonic form of a go-getter who inspires go-getter after go-getter to become a better go-getter.--Zooey Deschanel, actor and musician

You'll never know where to start...until you start. This gutsy guidebook will help anyone who's procrastinating on a goal, career change, or business idea stop the obsessive worrying and leap into action.
As a 24-year-old line cook, Ellen Marie Bennett couldn't stand the kitchen staff's poorly designed, cheaply made aprons. So when her head chef announced he was ordering a new batch, she blurted out, "Chef, I have an apron company"--even though she had no company, no business plan--just a glimmer of a design idea and a business license. Through hustle and a willingness to leap into the unknown, time and time again, she built that first order into a multi-million-dollar company called Hedley & Bennett, making aprons and kitchen gear worn by many of the world's best chefs and home cooks everywhere. Dream First, Details Later shares Ellen's journey and her forged-in-the-fire personal playbook for starting before you stop yourself. If you've ever imagined doing something and immediately thought, that's impossible, or I wouldn't even know where to start, or I'm not qualified to do that, in these pages, you'll learn how to shove aside your inner worrier and launch into action. This honest and bold illustrated book will be like having Ellen--your personal hype woman--there with you, all the while yelling, Don't stop! You got this! She'll share hard-won advice on: - Squashing doubts and reservations about venturing outside your comfort zone. (These doubts masquerade as rational, but they're more likely coming from a place of fear.)
- Saying screw it to the perfect plan and using creative problem-solving--and heart and guts--to conquer the shit storms as they come.
- Eventually transitioning from the flying by the seat of your pants stage to the well-oiled machine stage. You don't need to have all the answers to make your dream a reality. You just need to start before you're ready.

About the Author

Ellen Bennett is the founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett, an apron and kitchen gear brand that outfits many of the best chefs in the world. Since starting the business in her L.A. home, Ellen has grown H&B into a multi-million dollar business. Th

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