Quick Confidence: Be Authentic, Boost Connections, and Make Bold Bets on Yourself

Quick Confidence: Be Authentic, Boost Connections, and Make Bold Bets on Yourself

By Selena Rezvani

"Quick Confidence illuminates 9 common tripwires to building confidence like overcoming the intimidation factor with powerful people, creating belonging when you don't fit in, and bouncing back from faceplants and setbacks. Each bite-size tip delivers actions, behaviors and exercises that help you change not just how you think - but what you project to others.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 05/09/2023
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781394160945
ISBN-10: 1394160941
Language: English

Full Description


Hands-on, bite-sized strategies for improving your confidence

In Quick Confidence: Be Authentic, Create Connections and Make Bold Bets On Yourself, best-selling author and renowned leadership speaker Selena Rezvani delivers an effective and eye-opening new approach to building confidence and presence for professionals. In the book, the author walks you through--and helps you leap over--the 9 most common obstacles that stand in the way of building authentic confidence. She offers digestible actions, behaviors, and exercises you can use to change the way you think and the way you present yourself to others.

Relying on sound, scientifically validated data, the book helps you zero in on one actionable method at a time, from making a memorable entrance to stoking confidence in those around you. You'll also find:

  • Mental, physical, and interpersonal routines that will lock in your new and confident persona for lasting change
  • Techniques for using silence strategically and refusing to overexplain to enhance your credibility and presence
  • Ways to overcome the intimidation factor that goes hand-in-hand with dealing with powerful people

A hands-on playbook for professionals at all stages looking for effective confidence-building advice that goes beyond "fake it 'til you make it," Quick Confidence is a fun and rewarding journey to a renewed self-image and enhanced well-being.

About the Author

Selena Rezvani is a sought-after speaker, content creator, and commentator on leadership. She is focused on helping emerging leaders build confidence and self-advocacy skills, enabling them to elevate their presence--and others--along the way.

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