Thank God It's Monday!: How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love

Roxanne Emmerich, Stewart Emery, Russ Hall

"I love this book. Roxanne Emmerich's ability to transform organizations is nothing short of miraculous. She's the real deal. Every employer should have this book for every employee, AND any person who wants to be happy at work needs to buy it for themselves. "--Jack Canfield, author of "The Success Principles" and coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


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Book Information

Publisher: FT Press
Publish Date: 04/08/2009
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9780138158057
ISBN-10: 0138158053
Language: English

Full Description

"Thank God It's Monday!" is about loving what you're doing and creating massive results. Roxanne Emmerich introduces you to two CEOs: one desperately struggling to stay afloat and another who's discovered a better route to growth and profitability. As you join them both on their journey, you'll gain valuable insights for jumpstarting positive change from anywhere in the organization, replacing dysfunctional organizational behaviors with passion and creativity, overcoming setbacks and making vision and values actually work! Whether you're on the front line, in an office, or running the show, you'll see how to: - Replace dysfunctional behaviors with passion and creativity - Overcome setbacks with a "bring it on" attitude - Breathe results-generating life into vision and values - Think big and make big things happen "Thank God It's Monday!" presents a unique approach that makes an impact on three groups at once: - Employees discover how to win at work and love their work - Companies turn around results quickly and profoundly - Customers experience a powerful and visible commitment to their success You will shift from a "why we can't" to a "how we can" one day! Your customers will go crazy about you. You will find yourself loving to go to work where everyone exclaims, Thank God It's Monday!

About the Author

Roxanne Emmerich has consulted with half of the nation's top 1% performing financial institutions as well as hundreds of other business leaders.

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