Force for Good: How Enlightened Finance Can Restore Faith in Capitalism

A Force for Good: How Enlightened Finance Can Restore Faith in Capitalism

By John G Taft

Some of the world's most respected financial minds explore how the industry can regain the public's trust and use its power responsibly for positive change"


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Book Information

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publish Date: 03/17/2015
Pages: 320
ISBN-13: 9781137279729
ISBN-10: 1137279729
Language: English

Full Description

After the crisis of 2008, the social contract between the financial industry and everyone else was badly broken-perhaps, it seemed, irrevocably. Since then, banks have paid out billion-dollar settlements and Congress has passed some new laws, but a deeper rapprochement is still missing. John Taft has gathered some of the greatest financial minds of our time to explore how Wall Street can harness the same creative energy that invented credit default swaps and channel it towards the public good- in the form of a stable retirement system, investment strategies that protect the environment and reward responsible corporate behavior, and a financial industry with a culture of ethics, integrity and client focus. These perspectives, from a who's who of leaders in the field, offer a blueprint for a new kind of responsible finance and banking that secures the future for everyone. Contributors include:

* Robert Shiller on financial capitalism and innovation

*Charles D. Ellis on restoring ethical standards

*Sheila Bair on regulatory reform

*John C. Bogle and Mary Schapiro on rebuilding investor trust

*Judd Gregg on long-term fiscal imbalances

*Barbara Novick on the retirement savings gap

*David Blood on sustainable finance.

With so much brainpower in the financial sector, the potential for change is limitless. A Force for Good is the call to action the industry sorely needs.

About the Author

John G. Taft is CEO of RBC Wealth Management, one of the largest full-service investment, advisory and wealth management firms in the US. John is a former chairman of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), the leading securities industry trade group. John has served a wide range of not-for-profit and public service organizations.

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