About James Allen

Richard De A'Morelli published his first article in a national magazine at age 14 and signed a multi-book contract with a traditional publisher at 18. Since then, he has authored fifteen nonfiction books, including two bestsellers in the self-help field and two best-selling titles on English grammar. He also has published three novels under pseudonyms. Beyond writing, Richard has thirty years of experience as a professional editor. He was a bylined editorial staff member to the late Irving Wallace, one of the top-selling authors of the twentieth century, and he has held senior editor and managing editor positions with book and magazine publishers. His writer clients have affectionately nicknamed him Jedi Editor for his work on books that include "Apocalypse Orphan" by Tim Allen, an Amazon science-fiction best seller in 2016, and "Eden's Serum" by Angelique Anderson. Richard worked a five-year stint as a journalist in southern California, publishing more than 500 newspaper, tabloid, and magazine features under his byline. He taught journalism and creative writing at Los Angeles Valley College and Learning Tree University in Southern California, and he developed twelve online writing courses which he taught online at Virtual University. Richard's recent books include: "Elements of Style 2017," "Elements of Style: Classic Edition," "Quick & Easy English Punctuation," and "Live Well. Be Happy." Readers wishing to follow or contact Richard about his books or editing services can do so through these social networks: Author's Website: http: //spectrum.org/richard Facebook Profile: https: //facebook.com/writer2 Facebook Page: https: //facebook.com/jedi.editor Twitter: https: //twitter.com/Jedi_Editor Google+: https: //plus.google.com/+RichardDeAMorelli Instagram: https: //instagram.com/jedi_editor/

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