Porchlight Book Company is dedicated to understanding what our previous owner referred to as the soul of the books in our space. We not only move books, we immerse ourselves in them, attempting to understand the ideas and intent of the author, and help spread those we feel are most valuable to our community.

For over 30 years, as 800-CEO-READ, we did that primarily in the business book genre, and we are not abandoning the expertise we’ve built up in that space or business books themselves. But that space is now expanding. We’ve always sold many books outside of the business genre, and we have decided it’s time to start engaging with and talking about those books, as well.



Weekly manifestos from the authors and thinkers in our world, aimed at smart people who embrace being talked to with respect and will spread the word.

Book Reviews

Our staffs’ decades worth of experience, inquisitive minds, and extensive knowledge of the book business allow us to put the latest releases in a larger context.

Book Excerpts

Finding the right book at the right moment can be life changing. We help you get started by bringing you excerpts of the latest books.

Book to Watch

One of the ongoing questions in the life of a reader is, what should I read next. We are here to help you answer that question with our weekly picks.

Author Interviews

One of the great things about forming working relationships with authors is that it allows us, when time permits, to ask them about their work.

Book Awards

The Porchlight Business Book Awards exist to recognize the best books published every year, and all the people who helped bring them to life.

I love ChangeThis. As a writer, it was my first big publishing break and helped me spread an idea before my first book. It was an influential part of my journey in sharing my words with the world.

Jeff Goins - Author, The Art of Work

The Porchlight team don't just believe in books—they are passionate about bringing the ideas in them to the readers that authors want to impact. Their dedication and years of experience supporting authors to spread their ideas manifest in the form of stellar editorials, targeted promotion and sales logistics. If you're looking for support to launch or share your book with the world, Porchlight will help you navigate that journey.

Bernadette Jiwa - Author, Hunch and Story Driven


Editorial Coverage

  • How can I get my book reviewed?

    The only thing we need in order to consider your book for review coverage is the book itself! We prefer physical books whenever possible. Send galleys or finished copies to:

    Porchlight Book Company
    c/o Dylan Schleicher, Editorial Director
    544 S. 1st Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53204

  • How can I get my book featured on your social media channels?

    The books we promote on our social media channels are those we are covering, selling, or featuring in our weekly book giveaway.

    (To learn more about book giveaways, contact Dylan at dylan@porchlightbooks.com)

  • How do I get published on ChangeThis?

    We publish one manifesto per week. To be considered, please submit a draft (2000-5000 words) to our Editorial Director, Dylan at dylan@porchlightbooks.com.

  • How do I submit my book for awards?

    You can find all the details on the Awards page.

How can we help?

Dylan Schleicher, our Marketing & Editorial Director, is happy to answer your questions. 

414-220-4465 | dylan@porchlightbooks.com

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