The 2021 Porchlight Business Book Awards winner has been announced!

As of this 2019, five of our employees have been with the company for over 20 years, with another five having been here over a decade. In addition to that, we have added three new employees in three different departments over the past year to further support our staff and the publishers and authors we serve. So whether it's knowledge of the history and current trends in publishing, helping authors navigate book sales and the speaking circuit, how to customize books for a specific audience or client, or our intimate and hard-earned knowledge of how to physically move books around the country and around the world on a specific deadline, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you steer your book and your message in a constantly changing and sometimes chaotic industry.

We are a human company.

Aaron Schleicher

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Dan Brouchoud

More about Dan

Meg Bacik

Customer Service Manager


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Roy Normington

Senior Customer Service Specialist


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Michael Jantz

Custom Projects Director


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Emily Brzezinski

Custom Projects Coordinator


More about Emily

Andrew Koenig

Fulfillment & Logistics Specialist


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Dylan Schleicher

Marketing & Editorial Director


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Gabbi Cisneros

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Emily Porter

Community & Publicity Manager


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Todd Lazarski

Logistics & Warehouse Manager


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Mike Schauwitzer

Receiving & Inventory Specialist

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Sahan Jayasuriya

Packaging and Inventory Specialist


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Terry Tayler

Production & Design Lead


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Zach Karpinski

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Lauren Kohlenberg

Digital Support Specialist



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Ryan Schleicher

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Sally Haldorson

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Rebecca Schwartz

Owner, President & CEO


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Carol Grossmeyer

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