Easy One-Page Checkout

Your promotion plugs into our existing service platform, so your orders flow into our order system and shipping queue, ensuring the same high-level customer service you expect from our team. There are no confusing steps—just your promotion and checkout all on one easily understood page.

Our Logistics

Our customer service and warehouse teams handle all the fulfillment of the order from start to finish. Your authors never have to worry about inventory, individual packaging, address verification, or mailing.

Your Branding

Custom messaging, pricing, and unique coupon codes are all possible, according to whatever parameters you require. Our website infrastructure combined with your branding provides a fully customizable design and page layout.

Data and Reporting

We report all our sales to the major bestseller lists and provide you with comprehensive reports on your promotion’s performance. This is your promotion and your audience, so we share with you all of the valuable data collected in the process.


Custom Checkout

  • Can you match the custom checkout page design to my own website?

    At our Premium Checkout level, our development team will work with you to make your Custom Checkout page mimic your own website’s look and feel.

  • How will I know how my Custom Checkout campaign is performing?

    Once your campaign is live, we can update you with order information, including customer emails, addresses, and order quantity.

  • Can I prepay for a Custom Checkout campaign so my audience can order books at no cost?

    Yes. Payment terms on your Custom Checkout campaign can be configured in a variety of ways, with the goal of giving you total control over the offer you present to your audience. You can prepay for all of the books and defer shipping costs to your users, or else pay for books and shipping upfront and simply let your users order books with no payment required. We’ll work with you to configure the payment arrangement that works best for your specific audience and offer.

  • Can I require a promo code before allowing users to access my Custom Checkout page?

    Yes. Requiring your users to enter a promo code before accessing your landing page is a simple and easy way to validate your users and lend your campaign an air of exclusivity.

How can we help?

Our expert Sales team is happy to answer your questions. 


The Porchlight team don't just believe in books—they are passionate about bringing the ideas in them to the readers that authors want to impact. Their dedication and years of experience supporting authors to spread their ideas manifest in the form of stellar editorials, targeted promotion and sales logistics. If you're looking for support to launch or share your book with the world, Porchlight will help you navigate that journey.

Bernadette Jiwa - Author, Hunch and Story Driven

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