Weekly Book Giveaways

What better way to get books in front of readers than to put them in their hands? Our book giveaways run for a full week and get promoted in our weekly newsletter and through our social media accounts. To run a giveaway, we need 20 copies of the book to ship to the winners and a selection of promotional material to run (book excerpt, press release, book trailer, or author interviews are common options).

Newsletter Banner Ads

Banner ads are a quick and easy way to slot mention of a book into our weekly newsletter. Our newsletter audience consists of our customers and other book enthusiasts looking to keep abreast of the latest titles being published who have signed up to receive reviews, excerpts, manifestos, and more. Our ads fit in seamlessly as a piece of the news on books our readers are looking for.

How can we help?

Dylan Schleicher, our Marketing & Editorial Director, is happy to answer your questions about advertising or send you a rate sheet.

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