In addition to reporting our sales, Porchlight compiles two lists of our own top selling books each month—one focused on business and one on general nonfiction. These lists are featured on our site, within our Porchlight Newsletter, and syndicated in various publications. We also report all book sales to The New York Times and NPD BookScan.

Porchlight Book Company is committed to the ideals of free speech and a free press. We do not agree with or endorse all the ideas or opinions in the books we sell, but we agree with and defend the right of individuals and authors to have them, to write them, and to put them out into an openly debated marketplace of ideas. As a bookseller, we exist in the heart of that marketplace.

The Porchlight team don't just believe in books—they are passionate about bringing the ideas in them to the readers that authors want to impact. Their dedication and years of experience supporting authors to spread their ideas manifest in the form of stellar editorials, targeted promotion and sales logistics. If you're looking for support to launch or share your book with the world, Porchlight will help you navigate that journey.

Bernadette Jiwa - Author, Hunch and Story Driven


Bestseller Reporting

  • Do your sales count for the bestseller lists?

    Yes! We accurately* report all of our book sales to The New York Times and NPD BookScan on a weekly basis. (*We report the number of books sold, not the number of orders placed.)

  • Are your bulk sales discounted by the bestseller lists?

    No, they are not; our sales are counted the same as any other book retailer. For more information about bestseller reporting, contact Aaron at

  • Where can I find your bestselling books?

    Each month, we post two bestseller lists of our own: one for business bestsellers and one for general nonfiction. You can find them here.

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