In a world of increasing automation and frictionless transactions, Porchlight is dedicated to providing human service and a human touch to ensure our customers’ unique needs are being met. Other booksellers can fulfill single copy book orders quickly and easily—and have even expanded that service to every other product under the sun to become “The Everything Store.” But have you ever tried asking them to ship internationally or have a shipment delivered on a truck with a liftgate? Or if they can do a bindery shipment for you to get books to a conference a day or two early? Or if they can get 500 copies delivered to the hotel all at one time in one piece—on a specific day because the hotel doesn't have the space to hold books for you—and make sure they’ve been signed by the author before they arrive? Have you ever tried to find a human being within the company to even talk to?

Our business model remains predicated on real people with real experience moving large quantities of one thing—books—around the world and being able to do so in any circumstance and within very tight delivery windows. Although we offer an array of high-touch services to compliment it, we are the “Really Great at One Thing—Moving Books in Bulk—Store.” We are the people you call when you have a bookselling conundrum to solve, when an order requires a lot of contact—with vendors, with shipping companies, and with the end customer—and care. What we do requires people with specific knowledge and experience, people who know how to get books from point A to point B, or point B to points C and D, which is an expertise our team has spent decades acquiring.

Events Logistics

Delivering a large quantity of books to an event often requires a great attention to detail, from knowing exactly when they need to arrive to how they’re getting off the truck. We have real human beings who know how to attend to those details.

Staggered Shipping

The great advantage of buying books in bulk is the additional discount that comes when ordering higher quantities, but unless you have space to store books and logistics to ship them, you most likely need to order smaller quantities on a need-by basis. We help square that circle by allowing you to purchase all your books at once, and ship them over time.

International Shipping

In a single word, yes, we ship internationally. We make it as simple as possible while also acknowledging that—while we pride ourselves attention to detail—there are details in like customs, duties, and taxes, that require attention from the addressee.

In a world where people make a lot of promises and don’t follow through, I can always count on them to get the books where I need them, on time. Porchlight is one of the very few services that truly works.

Harry Kraemer - Author, Becoming the Best

Working with Porchlight made our mailing services simple and easy. They were a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them to anybody looking to ship books to multiple addresses as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Katy Gallagher - Social Marketing Specialist, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing


Delivery Logistics

  • Can you deliver books to a hotel?

    Yes! Please include this information on your order (Checkout>Shipping Method>Additional Order Info) and note the guest arrival date—or simply call customer service directly (800-236-7323), and we can arrange this.

  • Can I get tracking information for my order?

    Yes! As soon as we have tracking information for your order, you will receive an email. If you cannot find the email, you can also find tracking information in your Order History of your account (click on the Order ID#). If tracking information is not showing up, please contact customer service ( or 800-236-7323), and they will be happy to help!

  • Can you ship my order to more than one location?

    It may add a couple of days to your delivery time, but we can do that! Call customer service (800-236-7323) in order to place a split shipment order.

  • If I pre-order a book, will it be delivered on the release date?

    Sometimes! Pre-ordered books are normally shipped on the release date; if you have a special circumstance that requires books to be delivered on the release date, we will work with the publisher to help accommodate your request. Call us (800-236-7323) for more information!

  • Do you ship to [insert country name]?

    If UPS can ship it there, we can get it there!

  • Which delivery carriers do you use?

    UPS, USPS, FedEx, and various consolidated shipping options. Please note: we do not currently use DHL for general orders.

  • Why are international shipping rates so expensive?

    Think of it this way: it’s like you are buying a seat on an international flight—which is expensive! We do not determine international shipping rates from our carriers; we simply pass them on to you with no upcharges.

  • How long does international delivery take?

    It depends on your location, but you can safely estimate two weeks for international shipping. Be aware that customs varies by country and can hold up shipment for an undetermined amount of time. If you have concerns, contact customer service, and we will do our best to help get your package released from customs.

  • What information is needed for customs forms?

    Our expert customer service staff has shipped internationally for years, and they take care of the paperwork for you.

  • Is my international order trackable?

    Yes! As soon as we have tracking information available for your order, you will receive an email with that information. Note that some destination countries, due to local delivery logistics, are not able to provide us with tracking information. If you have a question about your order at any stage during the process, please feel free to call a Customer Service Specialist directly: 800-236-7323

  • If my order has already shipped, can I change my shipping address?

    Sometimes! It depends on many factors—contact customer service (800-236-7323) and we will do our best to help get your package rerouted.

  • Can I use my UPS or FedEx account to ship my order?

    We try to accommodate that request for bulk orders only (no single copy orders); please call customer service to see if your account can be applied to your order.

  • Do I have to provide a phone number for my order?

    Yes, you do. If there are any questions or problems with your order, it is the best way to contact you. And if you are shipping internationally, customs paperwork requires it.

  • Why is my international order taking so long to deliver?

    For small (e.g. single-copy) international shipments, we use a consolidated shipping vendor, which offers our customers delivery times comparable to USPS First Class International, at roughly half the published price of USPS’ service. This financial savings means your package will take slightly longer to enter the mailstream and be scanned for tracking. This, in turn, means your tracking number might take a few days to update with information about your shipment. If you have a question about your order at any stage during the process, please feel free to call a Customer Service Specialist directly: 800-236-7323

  • What is the benefit of choosing Porchlight for shipments to Canada?

    Porchlight is a nonresident importer to Canada. By prepaying customs import fees at the time of order, your bulk books are delivered to your door without having to broker the shipment through Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

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