About Necati Aydin

Necati Aydin's life journey began in an agricultural society as a shepherd. His journey continued in an industrial society as a college student and nurse, and he ended up in an information society as a professor. Necati's life is the story of a former shepherd who was born in a village with no running water and electricity. The story of a student who ran away from his parents to go to school, who became the first in his village to go to college, and who became the first in his town to receive two doctoral degrees. The story of a former nurse who witnessed the death and misery of thousands of patients; the story of a father who was never hugged by his father but ended up being the best friend of his six children. The story of a youth who lived in poverty and only tasted a banana for the first time while attending college but lost the pleasure of this taste when he was able to purchase whatever he desired. In short, it is the story of seeking happiness under various life conditions. Necati currently resides in Windsor, CT.

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