About Yosi Amram

Yosi began his leadership journey in the Israeli military
where he received numerous awards and garnered the fastest promotion record in
his regiment's history. Despite these accomplishments, the military chafed at
his soul, sowing the seeds of his quest for more humane leadership.

Following the military, Yosi earned a BS and MS at MIT, and
an MBA from Harvard. Later, he became the founder and CEO of two tech
companies, both of which he led through successful IPOs.

Then, as CEO of a public company with a rising stock price,
Yosi experienced a psychospiritual breakdown, catapulting him into a spiritual
awakening. Suddenly realizing the truth of our interconnectedness, he put his
life on a fresh trajectory.

Back at school, earning a PhD in clinical psychology, Yosi
developed the first research-grounded theory and measure of spiritual
intelligence along with a model for Spiritually Intelligent Leadership. This
research has received over a thousand citations to date.

As a therapist and leadership coach, Yosi has supported over
100 CEOs as they built organizations, led thousands of employees, and reached
annual revenues in the billions, all while increasing their happiness, power,
and effectiveness as leaders in their work and personal lives.

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