About Jennifer Brazer

Founder and CEO of Complete Controller, a leading national business services firm, Jennifer Brazer believes that all business operators should have access to excellent financial data to fuel their critical decisions. She has developed efficient bookkeeping and records storage methods and a delivery system that allows businesses to stay securely connected to their financial data without being tethered to an office. Her solution promotes financial transparency and accountability, providing a critical foundation for success.

Jennifer's company, founded in 2007, has become the turnkey Client Accounting Services (CAS) department for CPA firms across the country allowing them to tap into her platform for single sign-on access to all of their client's books and records, standardized practices, and unlimited bookkeeping talent. Offering both white-label and partnered solutions, the company becomes a strategic addition to any firm looking to add CAS to their service menu. Her #QueenofCAS hashtag references her journey, methods, and business model philosophies that have allowed CAS to move from a loss leader to an essential part of a firm, pumping revenue to myriad arteries.

Attributing her success to the support of willing advisors and mentors, Jennifer is always looking for ways to give back, empowering the small business community through financial literacy. An avid supporter of entrepreneurs, Jennifer has built a 82,000-plus social media following for Complete Controller, and she is a guest speaker to incubators, students, and associations. Her passion for women in business has fueled her membership in the National Association of Women Business Owners for which she served two terms on the Orange County chapter executive board, as treasurer and a small business mentor. She is one of twelve elite members serving on the ADP accountant national advisory board and is well respected in the CPA community.

To learn more about the tools used in this book or to get started with building your own CAS model, visit JenniferBrazer.com/workshops.

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