About Susanna Barkataki

Sonali Fiske (she/her) is a Sri Lankan-American leadership consultant and mentor to Black Indigenous, Women-identifying leaders of color, a TEDx Speaker, talk show host, and founder of Pick Your Platform & Raise Your Voice. Her work is to bring racial parity to leadership and influence in our culture. Her recent online masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Women's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories and lived experiences of womxn of color who are countering the current narrative in leadership and social justice. On her radio talk show, Revolutionary Voices," her jam is confronting uneasy topics like colonization, tokenism, white supremacy and cultural appropriation, and more - to help reimagine the narrative and dismantle the systems of oppression people of color live and work in every day. Sonali is also currently a council member of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women. In her creative-flow time, she performs spoken word, leads local & international Indigenous storytelling workshops and loves to travel the world. Sonali lives in Orange County, California with her teenaged son.

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