About Max Cioux

Max Cioux (Pronounced Max Q) is a former Naval Aviator, and a 1993 graduate of the Naval Fighter Weapons School, more commonly known as TOP GUN. He spent thirteen years in the Navy, and during that time, Max had the good fortune of associating with real heroes. He interacted with members of both the CIA and FBI, and his experiences in the Fleet, as well as those in Fallon, Nevada, Japan, and San Diego, California, gave him rare insight into the inner workings of these entities during that time. Though Max Cioux's Naval career ended in 1998, his love for all things aviation, as well as his interest in the United States Military, remains as strong as ever. It was his love of flying-like Blixen's description of flight in her memoir Out of Africa-that first fueled his need to write. His passions are wide and disparate. They include fishing, biking, brewing beer, and scuba diving, though his chief hobbies remain reading and writing. Max resides in Iowa with his wife and children.

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