About Samantha Cervino

For many years Samantha Cervino worked with children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asperger, Dyslexia and Autism. She has changed and improved the lives of many children, as well as countless clients in her practice of energy healing and self-development coaching. She is committed to helping guide her clients and humanity toward achieving a well-balanced life. In addition to being an accomplished leader in her field of understanding and shifting human emotions through Reiki, EFT Tapping and continuous studies in self development, the human mind, achieving personal success and the universal laws, Samantha, with her experience and vast knowledge, is able to help others learn what it takes to meet their goal and show them how to tap into their endless potential. She is also a blogger, published author, and Wellness Universe Ambassador, who motivates through her work on social media by sharing great insights by the world's greatest minds and teaching her audience about the importance of gratitude and affirmations. Samantha believes in giving back to humanity. For many years she has sponsored a child in Africa. She also gives of her time to serve in her community as a peer counsellor at the Women's Centre. As well, she facilitates support groups for changing results. As a master energy healer, Samantha is committed to the personal success of her clients and is often quoted for her stated belief: Life is to be felt, not planned. For more information visit: www.smbalternativehealing.me or email Samantha Cervino at: samcp10@gmail.com

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