About Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly is a career entrepreneur who co-founded Restore Hyper Wellness in Austin, Texas, in 2015. After founding and exiting his first company in grad school, Jim spent time in the US military as an Army officer before marketing stints at brands that included Kraft Foods, AT&T, Coca-Cola and Citibank. In 2001, Jim leveraged his love for travel to build one of the most popular online travel communities in the world, IgoUgo.com, which earned a Webby Award for "Best Travel Site in the U.S." After IgoUgo was sold to Sabre Holdings/Travelocity, Jim founded Pursuit Group, an incubator that launched high-end experiential retail businesses and one-of-a-kind boutique real estate projects. Along the way, Jim was training for a triathlon and discovered the benefits of cryotherapy. That experience inspired him and business partner Steve Welch to open the first Restore location. From humble roots in the back office of the first Restore location in South Austin, new locations were added, along with new modalities, including IV Drips, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Compression and Red Light Therapy. In the process, the Restore team created an innovative new category of care, Hyper Wellness(R), which allows customers to feel better and do more of what they love to do. Today, Restore Hyper Wellness has over 200+ locations across the country and is rapidly expanding. Steve Welch started his first big entrepreneurial success, Mitos, in 2001 with hardly a cent to his name. Without ever raising outside money Steve built Mitos into a global company in the biotech manufacturing field prior to selling it in 2007 at the age of 30 to a Fortune 500 company. Under Steve's guidance, Mitos developed several critical innovations and patents which transformed the manufacturing process of biological drugs and vaccines and allowed Mitos to develop a global sales and distribution network.

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