About Sara Elise

Sara Elise is a Black & Indigenous, queer, autistic femme creative splitting her time between Brooklyn and Upstate, NY.

Sara Elise is a multidisciplinary creative, splitting her time between Brooklyn and Upstate New York. She is the cofounder and designer of Apogeo Collective, a hospitality experience centering QTPOC, as well as the founder of Harvest & Revel, a sustainable event catering + design company. She has been featured in Dazed, Playboy, Afropunk, Healthyish (Bon Appetit), Well + Good, Nylon, Stylelikeu, and them, among other publications. As an autistic Black & Indigenous femme, she spends much of her thoughtspace contemplating pleasure + pain, collective joy + healing, otherness, embodiment, remembering + reclaiming, self-destruction, and growth-- and how inextricably those concepts are linked. To that end, Sara Elise has deep interests in ritualization, BDSM, relationship dynamics, and the development of decolonized personal awareness and well-being. With all of her work, she aims to challenge our collective reality by first re-imagining and then creating alternative sys-tems and spaces (both external and internal) for BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ people to thrive. You can find more from her at saraelise.substack.com.

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