About Tom East

Tom's latest is the second ELDRITCH collection, WISH MAN'S WOOD. This was preceded by a second edition of the first, THE EVE OF ST ELIGIUS. Tom East is the author of eight other recent books prior to A FIFTIES' CHILDHOOD. These include three very different novels. The most recent was THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST JUDAS. Little is known about Judas Iscariot - he is a symbol of all things bad rather than a person - but what if his influence on the early church was altogether more significant? What if he was nothing less than the writer of the first gospel, upon which the canonical gospels are based? And what if manuscript fragments were found in Iraq on the eve of the Western invasion in 2003? ​ Novels prior to this were the 100,000-word TOMMY'S WAR: JULY 1914, an unusual take on the month before WWI and THE GREENLAND PARTY (79,000 words). The latter is a 'whodunit', although with an out-of-the-ordinary setting and a strange motive for the original murder. All of the above are available as e-books or paperbacks in a number of places across the world. Earlier Tom was the writer of many works of fiction, commercial articles, essays, reviews, 'other prose' and poetry. He was also the author of six (print) books. ​ He was born in London, although of Welsh family and has lived in Wales for many years.

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