About Camille Fourmont

Camille Fourmont is the proprietor behind La Buvette, a wine shop that is packed every night, serving wines by the glass, simple plates of food, and personal conversation. Since opening La Buvette in 2012, she has been recognized in Bon Appétit, the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Financial Times. Le Fooding, the groundbreaking French food publication, selected La Buvette as the best wine bar in Paris in 2014. In addition to running La Buvette, Fourmont is a consultant for Hotel Le Pigalle's wine bar in Paris. Kate Leahy is a San Francisco chef turned journalist. She has written ten books, including A16 Food + Wine, the IACP cookbook of the year, and her work has appeared in publications from CNN's Parts Unknown to Eating Well.

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