About Rebecca Friese

A Workplace Crusader with more than twenty years of experience in change management leadership, Rebecca Friese transforms organizations. By identifying outdated practices from the ground floor to the boardroom, Rebecca helps everyone, from Fortune 500 behemoths to hopeful start-ups, build the capacity to implement market-leading cultural changes. Having taken on every role from employee to a consultant to Vice President of People, she knows what it takes to chart a new course for talent management. Now, Rebecca is on a mission to help organizations not just be better places to work, but exceptionally innovative, engaging, and forward-thinking places to work. She's seen what happens when work sucks for people-when top-performing employees become dejected, disengaged, and ultimately leave organizations, and leaders are left scratching their heads at why this happens more often they expected, and how it affects their bottom line. What matters to employees may be very different than what managers think. In this book, Rebecca provides a step-by-step approach to creating a Good Culture, making an impact on your people strategy and ultimately the success of your organization.Rebecca Friese is a Workplace Crusader, helping organizations transform outdated practices into market-leading cultures. She's an experienced consultant in organizational transformation & change management. Her 20+ years of experience span large-scale, Fortune 500 multi-million dollar projects to start-up clients. She's sat on both sides of the recruitment table, inspired executives to chart a new course, and climbed mountains (metaphorical, and...Mt. Shasta). Now, she's on a mission to make organizations better places to do work that matters.

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