About Steve Farber

Steve Farber is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and the founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute. Ranked on Inc.'s listing of the Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts in the world and #1 on Huffington Post's 12 Business Speakers to See, Farber is considered to be one of the world's top motivational speakers and leadership experts. His third book, Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership, was a Wall Street Journal(R) and USA Today(R) bestseller. His second book, The Radical Edge: Stoke Your Business, Amp Your Life, and Change the World, was hailed as "a playbook for harnessing the power of the human spirit." And his first book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, received Fast Company magazine's Readers' Choice Award and was named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time. Farber's most recent book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business, has been listed by Book Authority as one of the top business strategy books of 2020.Farber is a member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council and sits on the steering committee of the Community Alliance for Youth Success, co-founded by Bobbi DePorter and Stedman Graham.

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