About Talia Fox

Talia Fox has become an inspirational leader in every sense
of the word, often referred to as the Jedi of Inspiration by her clients. With
over two decades of experience in transforming thousands of executives from all
sectors, Talia has become a visionary for leadership and legacy building. Her
extensive background in psychology and education has given her the tools to
assist leaders in developing successful strategies for complex missions,
ranging from defense systems to health-care initiatives. She holds an M.Ed.
from Howard University and is a Harvard University fellow. Talia is a
well-respected name in the industry. As CEO of KUSI Global, Inc., Talia uses
her knowledge and expertise to make a difference in our world today--turning
ideas into actionable plans that have real-world results. With her passion and
dedication, she is changing the way we view leadership. She helps leaders
harness the power to revolutionize the human spirit.

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