About Austin McGhie

Before turning thirty-five, Austin McGhie led a CPG marketing and sales team and a top advertising agency. Since then, he has successfully gotten older, run two more agencies, and built a nationally recognized marketing strategy business from the ground up before selling it to a global communications company. Today, he and his business partner, Alpa Pandya, happily run a small but mighty marketing strategy consulting business, somewhat appropriately named Find Difference. Along the way, Austin has advised clients such as Kellogg's, Disney, Boeing, Nike, ESPN, NBC, YouTube, Levi Strauss, Westin, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, and Unilever. Austin splits his time between San Francisco and Bodega Bay, with his wife, JJ, and their dog, Chili, surrounded by his beautiful and strongly opinionated nuclear family. In addition to participating in a host of writing and speaking engagements, Austin is the "almost-bestselling" author of BRAND Is a Four Letter Word: Positioning and the Real Art of Marketing. Visit him at FindDifference.com.

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