About Lawrence G McDonald

Lawrence McDonald is risk consultant to hedge funds, family offices, asset managers and investors across twenty-three countries. One of Wall Street's most respected financial experts, McDonald has made more than 1,400 media appearances. Previously, he was a vice president of distressed debt and convertible securities trading at Lehman Brothers. James Patrick Robinson, a dedicated craftsman of narrative born into a family of writers in England, truly embraced storytelling at the University of East Anglia. Influenced by literary greats, he pursued history of art, European literature, and creative writing. Transitioning to screenwriting post-graduation, James initially adapted his father's techno-thrillers before honing his skills in realistic dialogue and structure at The New York Film Academy. He notably adapted the bestselling Lone Survivor into a screenplay in 2007 and contributed to the research and structure of the 2009 New York Times bestseller A Colossal Failure of Common Sense. 2022 marked his debut in book writing with How To Listen When Markets Speak, co-authored for Larry McDonald. Now residing in the U.S. and managing the Robinson Speakers Bureau, James is penning his first novel in the traditional manner--longhand with navy ink on white paper, a testament to his deep-rooted passion for storytelling.

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