About Michael J McFall

Mike McFall is the co-founder and co-CEO of BIGGBY(R) COFFEE, one of the fastest-growing coffee franchises in the United States. Despite not having an MBA or being a workaholic, McFall has built his career through hard work and real-world experience. He prioritizes people and purpose over business jargon and fancy presentations, and his pragmatic solutions are forged from this philosophy. McFall understands that people are the most important ingredient to any successful enterprise, and he helps employers create a purpose-driven business that will transform the world and improve people's lives. McFall is the author of Grind (2019) and Grow (2023), the first two books in a three book series, which offer practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to turn their business concepts into successful ventures. He is also a Public Speaker, and teaches a class on entrepreneurialism at The University of Michigan Center of Entrepreneurship. In his free time, McFall plays and coaches hockey and has a Moonshot to one day own the Detroit Red Wings.

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