About Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira is 'The Value Stream Guy' and lifelong workflow optimizer. He's been improving flow in organizations ever since his first job making pizza. Beginning in tech support, his quest to experience every aspect of business/tech collaboration and value delivery led him through IT management, build and release engineering, and systems automation. After scaling a startup as a founding CTO, he shifted consulting with a focused entirely on software delivery value streams to share insights and methods with every organization seeking higher performance. He's run dozens of in-person and remote mapping workshops with organizations of all sizes as well as speaking and writing extensively on the subject to share his learning. Andrew Davis is the author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps. He's a Salesforce architect, developer, and product leader with a focus on the human side of software development. He's the leading figure in introducing DevOps concepts to the Salesforce world. Trained as an engineer, he spent fifteen years as a Buddhist monk, teaching meditation and personal transformation and helping develop communities of practice. These days he studies the intersection of business, technology, and psychology through systems thinking.

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