About Peter Sims

Peter Sims is the Founder and CEO of Black Sheep (BLK SHP), a bestselling author, and a cofounder of GivingTuesday. He started off as an investor in venture capital then became an accidental author, as the coauthor of True North, the bestseller that has been selected as one of the top twenty-five leadership books of all time, again something Peter views as a lucky accident. After that, he stumbled into Stanford's Institute of Design and learned product design and design thinking, an experience that helped Peter view himself as a creative for the first time, so he dedicated himself to writing his second book, Little Bets, for all those with untapped creativity. A top resource for innovators, it was selected as one of the six best advice books for entrepreneurs by the Wall Street Journal. After becoming an entrepreneur, he cofounded GivingTuesday, the global philanthropic movement that raised roughly $10 billion in over 100 countries for social good causes. He has been an Adviser at X, Alphabet's Moonshot Factory (formerly GoogleX), where he collaborates on building new ventures in the sustainability space. In all that he does, Peter feels at home as an "artistic entrepreneur" and social innovator, contributing to making the world a bit more human.

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