About Terry Salman

Terry Salman, CM, is one of Canada's most dedicated philanthropists. Born in Montreal, he served as a sergeant with the US Marines during the Vietnam War before becoming a legend in mining finance. Terry worked with Nesbitt Thomson before leaving to form financial advisory firm Salman Partners, where he served as president, CEO, and co-director of research. Today, he is president and CEO of Salman Capital, Chair Emeritus of the Vancouver Public Library Foundation, and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Singapore. Terry holds a BA from Chaminade University of Hawaii, an MBA from the University of Hartford, and an honorary doctorate from the B.C. Institute of Technology. He received the Order of Canada in 2020 and the Public Service Star from the Office of the President of Singapore in 2021. The father of two grown daughters, Terry lives in West Vancouver with his wife, Chris.

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