To Criticize Is To Publicize

December 03, 2008

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"From Penny Arcade to high academia, numerous theories have been posited as to why being relatively anonymous is a breeding ground for 'flame wars' and 'trolls.' To combat the crap, tools like disemvowelers and community rating systems (as featured on Reddit and Digg)can help sift the 'good stuff' to the top. 'Good stuff' includes critiques which are worthwhile. And they are comparatively few and far between, as we'll see. Nevertheless, if you're the target of vicious attacks, you're going to feel it. Contrary to a popular, mistaken approach, I'm not going to tritely admonish you by saying 'don't take it personally.' Instead, here's a fresh path I'd like to take you on, and by the end of our journey, you'll have a revitalized outlook on how to make the best of bad words."

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