Chief Culture Officer: Building a Living, Breathing Corporation

Grant McCracken

December 10, 2009

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"The American corporation is bad at culture. It's good at management, finance, technology, and HR. It's getting better at innovation, cocreation and social media. But culture? It still pretty much sucks at culture. Culture is the 'last mile' for the corporation. It's the final 'core competence' required for its skill set. Until it masters culture the way it now master the other pieces of management—finance, strategic planning, human resources—it will suffer the blind side hit or miss yet another opportunity. The thing about errors here is that they are not small. They do not merely take a percentage point of volume or profit. They do not merely inflict a tiny ding on a CEOs reputation. No, the mistakes that come from culture can cost millions. And they lay a CEO low. It's time to bring in a Chief Culture Officer."

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