Start the Soloist Journey: Become the Hero in the Face of the Ten Least Wanted

Jonathan Littman, Marc Hershon

December 10, 2009

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"The hero's journey has been the cornerstone of great literature and hit movies. We all know the winning dramatic premise: a beaten-down protagonist battles everyone from evil characters to wild beasts in a dangerous passage of self-discovery. Strangely, the main frictions of modern man's largest battlefield have often been ignored in the books designed to steel you for that daily 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. grind. Except for a few notable exceptions, the hostile territory otherwise known as the workplace has been treated with kid's gloves. We've been advised that the key to success is to 'be nice,' to develop 'lifelong mentors,' and a host of other absurd fantasies that no ten-year-old would ever swallow as remotely realistic or helpful."

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