The Upstarts Are Here!: What Can You Possibly Learn from Entrepreneurs in Their Twenties? Plenty.

November 12, 2009

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"We're smack in the middle of 'perfect storm' conditions for young entrepreneurs, which means that if you haven't already noticed that the CEO down the road may look more comfortable at the local skate park than in a board room, you will soon. And if you have noticed the trend, you may be asking yourself who these young people are, why they seem to be starting companies at an accelerated rate, what kinds of companies they're starting, and if they're really so different from the young entrepreneurs of the past couple of decades. As it turns out, the entrepreneurs of Generation Y (those born between 1977 and the mid-nineties) are really quite extraordinary. So if you are tempted to dismiss business owners in their twenties as self-centered, arrogant dilettantes who approach the start-up process like a teen with a new video game, better think again. Humor me for a few minutes, and consider that you may even have a thing or two to learn from them."

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