When Chaos Moves In, and How to Conquer It: The True Story of Entrepreneurship

Scott Martineau

July 06, 2010

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"Proponents of entrepreneurship love to celebrate the freedom and adventure of owning and running a company. Established business owners put on a smile, perfect their elevator speech about "being their own boss," and proceed to sell you their product or service. The media tells us story after story about the multi-million dollar opportunities grown out of a garage or dorm room. But few people tell the true story of entrepreneurship—the story of long hours, sleepless nights, endless worry, mental and physical stress, strained family relationships and non-existent social life. Instead, would-be entrepreneurs buy into a dream that few will ever achieve. Believing in a promise of more money, more time, and freedom from the corporate world, entrepreneurs ignore the less-than-encouraging small business statistics and take the plunge into ownership. That's when chaos moves in."

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