Six Reasons Why the Sharing Society (aka the Mesh) Will Trump the Ownership Society

Lisa Gansky

February 16, 2011

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"Get out of your chairs and into the streets, kids—the Internet has come to town. Literally. The IT revolution started by moving data around. Now mobile devices have spread the revolution to physical things—to the street. Making a reservation for a car, bike, a home or a meal from your phone connects you to the company's data, which may include information on your preferences, how they compare to other people's preferences like you (to make juicier, more personalized offers), and data collected from sensors in the car, bike, home or at the cafe. Your social networks allow you to make better informed choices of goods and services, as well as recommend the things you like. Mobile plus GPS changes everything. It means you can get more of what you want exactly when you want it. It means convenient access to fresh goods and services. Convenient access means you don't have to own something in order to have a pulse on its exact location and availability; you can use it—share it—save money while sparing hassles."

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