Being "Good" Pays Off Big: 21st Century Values are a Winning Strategy in Business and Personal Life

Peter Georgescu

March 13, 2013

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"We used to think that being a good person in business would be nice. Those who went to churches or synagogues would hear preachers extol the virtues of being good on a weekly basis and trumpet them aloud on the big holidays. It felt good to hear the value of being a good person, but Mondays came along and nothing ever changed in behavior. After all, business is hard. And the first dozen years in the 21st Century demonstrated just how much harder business has become. Chances are that business will get even tougher and more competitive in the years ahead. So we've all got to man up for the brutally competitive world out there. Don't we? Well, no. To find a winning strategy for the 21st Century business world you'll need to grasp why the world of commerce has changed so dramatically in recent decades."

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