Smart Sales Managers Are the New Normal: A Crash Course in Generating More Revenue from Your Inside Sales Team in the Sales 2.0 Ecosystem

Josiane Feigon

October 17, 2013

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"The dynamic Sales 2.0 ecosystem is digital, diverse, connected—and dramatically different from the world that many sales managers cut their teeth on. Customers, talent, tools, prospecting . . . the rules have changed. Customers don't answer phones, make appointments for lunch and golf, and read long whitepapers about your product. Today they do their own research—online, and talking to peers—and create their own sales cycles. Talent doesn't plan to put in time and pay their dues. They want to know why they're doing everything that's asked of them, they expect work to be F-U-N, and they expect their managers to give them all the answers immediately, SIRI style. Tools have grown far beyond noise-canceling headsets. Next-generation tools, processes, and prospecting practices are already driving revenue in the new economy. Welcome to the New Normal: Managing a high-performing inside sales team by operating under the old sales rules just won't work."

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