We Are All Creators Now—And We Are Creating a New Indie Capitalism

Bruce Nussbaum

March 13, 2013

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"We are building a new kind of capitalism from the ground up. The construction site is located far below the radar of the mainstream press. Our policymakers in Washington don't have a clue that a new foundation is being laid down, brick by brick. And our competitors have grown so familiar with navigating their way through the crumbling edifice of crony capitalism that they can't see what's emerging from the rubble. Yet. But look to the edges of our economy, look to the new models and practices being developed by our young, look to energy of our entrepreneurs and look to the subtle shifts of our most progressive corporations and you can see something emerging. You can see the rise of Indie Capitalism. This is a Manifesto for all those creators who are making Indie Capitalism a reality."

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