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Getting One Second Ahead: 5 Mantras for Mindful Leadership

Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, Gillian Coutts

November 11, 2015

"In today's complex, fast-paced, always-on business environment, speed matters. As leaders, you need to be able to rapidly sift through an overload of information and multiple distractions to make the best decisions for your organization. Time is of the essence. Everything is urgent. The most common words for many leaders are 'more' and 'now.' What if you could enhance your focus and clarity, improve your effectiveness, have more time and less stress? [...] The underlying challenge is that our mind can have a mind of its own making it difficult to manage our attention. Recent scientific studies suggest that our ability to pay attention is getting less and less. If managing attention is key to realizing results, this is a significant issue for all of us not only in terms of ourselves as leaders but also in how we manage and support our teams, colleagues and clients. [...] If managing our attention is at the root of the problem, then training the attentional muscle is the key to addressing it."

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